Drugs Demand Reduction

1st Bi-regional meeting to enhance the exchange of best practices: "Drugs Policy and criminal justice reform: alternative treatment to prison for drug offences"

Drugs Demand Reduction

Drugs Supply Reduction

1st Bi-regional meeting to enhance the exchange of best practices:

This meeting aims to review the available evidence in the area of criminal reforms related to drug offences and facilitate the exchange of information and to identify encouraging experiences in EU and CELAC and the common trends in the drug-related criminal laws for both regions.

Operative Dimension

C2 - Drugs Demand Reduction
Execution Level
Activity Types

A total of 121 people have participated: 98 representatives of 36 countries and 7 organizations / institutions, 17 experts from 14 different countries and 6 member of the ECB (Executive and Coordination Body).

Associated operational objectives

0.1 - Establish the necessary operational bases to ensure the quality and coherence of the work to be performed and the necessary coordination and participation of all partners.
0.3 - Ensure visibility of COPOLAD and its activities and disseminate the contents in the main political and professional forums in the field of drug policies to be held both internationally and in CELAC.
0.4 - Establish the necessary institutional contacts to avoid duplication with already developed initiatives and ensure synergies with ongoing initiatives, both within the EU and CELAC.
2.1 - Assess existing needs in DDR, to define specific final contents of foreseen activities under Component 2, adjusting them according to different groups of countries.
2.4 - Promote the identification and exchange of best practices for populations at risk of social exclusion (selective and indicated prevention), paying special attention to teens threatened by contexts of crime and violence; or other populations at risk.
2.6 - Maintain a project-supported initiative, which ensures the availability of planning and evaluation tools, in a way that becomes self-sustaining beyond the duration of the programme.


A high percentage, the 74% of participants, has filled the questionnaire and answered the questions posed. 5 out of 10 has answered the qualitative questions.

Taking into account all questions, and as seen in the table below, the 84% of the evaluators has rated the meeting between 7 and 10, being the highest percentage, 57%, for the highest scores (9-10)

The average overall score was 8.8, with the questions related to organization, meeting expectations and opportunities for the exchange of experiences during the Meeting having the highest scores.


Done the first bi-regional meeting for the exchange of best practices


ICD - Costa Rican Drug Institute Costa Rica


CICAD/OAS - Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission Supranational


Participating Institutions

Ministry of Justice & Legal Affairs Antigua & Barbuda
Ministerio de Transformación Social y Desarrollo Humano Antigua & Barbuda
SEDRONAR - Secretariat of Comprehensive Policies on Drugs of the Argentine Nation Argentina
Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos Argentina
NADS - National Anti-Drug Secretariat Bahamas
Poder Judicial Bahamas
NCSA - National Council on Substance Abuse Barbados
Poder Judicial Barbados
City of Ghent Belgium
NDACC - National Drug Abuse Control Council Belize
Corte Penal - Belize
Ministerio de Salud Bolivia
Ministerio de Gobierno Bolivia
Fundaçao Oswaldo Cruz Brazil
Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Security Chile
SENDA - National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption Chile
No se encuentra Cyprus
MINJUSTICIA - Ministry of Justice and Law Colombia
Fiscalía General de la Nación - General Attorney Colombia
Poder Judicial Costa Rica Costa Rica
Corte Suprema de Justicia Costa Rica
IAFA - Instituto sobre alcoholimo y Farmacodependencia Costa Rica
ICD - Costa Rican Drug Institute Costa Rica
Poder Judicial - Judiciary Costa Rica
Fundación Génesis Costa Rica
No se encuentra Costa Rica
No se encuentra Costa Rica
MJ - Ministry of Justice Cuba
NDAPU - National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit Dominica
Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security Dominica
SETED - Technical Secretariat for Comprehensive Prevention on Drugs Ecuador
Dirección General de Centros Penales/Ministerio de Justicia y Seguridad Pública - El Salvador
CNA - National Anti-Drug Commission El Salvador
Fiscalía Especial Antidroga - Anti-drug Special prosecutor Spain
Asociación Servicio Interdisciplinar de Atención a las Drogodependencias (SIAD) Spain
Secretaría General de Instituciones Penitenciarias Spain
CITCO - Intelligence Centre Against Terrorism and Organized Crime Spain
Embajada de España en Costa Rica - Spain
Center for court innovation United States
US Department of Justice United States
Treatment alternatives for save communities United States
RGPF - Royal Grenada Police Force Grenada
SECCATID - Executive Secretariat for the Commission Against Addictions and Illicit Drug Trafficking Guatemala
Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions - Guyana
Guyana Prison Service Guyana
CONALD - Commission Nationale de Lutte contre la Drogue Haiti
DNII - National Directorate for State Research and Intelligence Honduras
EUDEL CRI - Delegation of the European Union in Costa Rica European Institution
University of Limerick - Ireland
NCDA - National Council on Drug Abuse Jamaica
Ministry of Justice Jamaica
Supreme Court of Justice, Jamaica Jamaica
Ministry of Health Jamaica
Subsecretaría de Prevención y Participación Ciudadana Secretaría de Gobernación (SEGOB) Mexico
CONADIC - National Commission against Addictions Mexico
Tribunal Superior de Justicia Estado de Chihuahua, México Mexico
Corte Suprema de Justicia Nicaragua
MINREX - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nicaragua
CNCCO - National Council against Organised Crime Nicaragua
Expert Other
Ministerio de Salud Panama
CONAPRED - National Commission for the Study and Prevention of Drug-related Crimes Panama
PGN - Procaduria General de la Nación Panama
SENAD - National Anti-Drugs Secretariat Paraguay
Ministerio Público Paraguay
COPOLAD - Cooperation Programme between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union on Drugs Policies Contracting Partner
FIIAPP - International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies Contracting Partner
Ministerio Público Peru
Corte Suprema de la República Perú Peru
MS - Minister of Justice Poland
IPIN - Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology Poland
SICAD - General-Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies Portugal
RAND Europe United Kingdom
VLADA - Secretariat of the Council of the Government for Drug Policy. Office of the Government Czech Republic
Instituto de Criminología y Prevención Social Czech Republic
Centro de Atención Integral a las Dependencias (CAID) Dominican Republic
Poder Judicial Dominican Republic
Cuerpo de Policía de Rumanía. Unidad antidroga Romania
AAN - National Anti-drug Agency Romania
NCDAP - National Council on Drug Abuse Prevention Secretariat St. Kitts & Nevis
SAACS - Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat Saint Lucia
RSLPF - Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Saint Lucia
AIAMP - Ibero-American Association of Public Prosecutors Supranational
CICAD/OAS - Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission Supranational
EMCDDA - European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Supranational
IDPC - International Drug Policy Consortium Supranational
RIOD - Ibero-American Network of NGOs in the field of Drugs Supranational
UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Supranational
Embassy of Brazil to the Kingdom of The Netherlands Supranational
JUSPOL - Ministry of Justice and Police Surinam
NADC - Executive Office of the National Anti - Drug Council Surinam
The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Prisons Service Trinidad and Tobago
Poder Judicial - Judiciary Uruguay


Participation for regions

Participation of countries for region


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