Drugs Demand Reduction

1st Bi-regional meeting to enhance the exchange of best practices: "Drugs Policy and criminal justice reform: alternative treatment to prison for drug offences"

Drugs Demand Reduction

Drugs Supply Reduction

1st Bi-regional meeting to enhance the exchange of best practices:

The meeting aims at reviewing the evidence available in the area of criminal reform related to drug offenses, in order to facilitate the exchange of information, the identification of encouraging experiences and the sharing of lessons learned.

Operative Dimension

C2 - Drugs Demand Reduction
Execution Level
Activity Types
Associated operational objectives

2.1 - Assess existing needs in DDR, to define specific final contents of foreseen activities under Component 2, adjusting them according to different groups of countries.
2.4 - Promote the identification and exchange of best practices for populations at risk of social exclusion (selective and indicated prevention), paying special attention to teens threatened by contexts of crime and violence; or other populations at risk.
2.6 - Maintain a project-supported initiative, which ensures the availability of planning and evaluation tools, in a way that becomes self-sustaining beyond the duration of the programme.


ICD - Costa Rican Drug Institute Costa Rica


CICAD/OAS - Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission Supranational



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