Dialogue & Mechanism

Organization of COPOLAD's Annual Conferences

Dialogue & Mechanism

Organization of COPOLAD's Annual Conferences

Development of the activity

  • 1st COPOLAD II Annual Conference: From evidence to practice: challenges in the field of drugs policies

    14/06/16 - 15/06/16

    The Hague, The Netherlands

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  • 2nd COPOLAD II Annual Conference: Use of the Internet for the illicit sale of drugs and new psychoactive substances: challenges for their approach through coordinated and effective policies

    16/05/17 - 17/05/17

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • 3rd COPOLAD II Annual Conference: Women and drugs policy

    19/06/18 - 20/06/18

    Sofia, Bulgaria

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  • 4th COPOLAD II Annual Conference: Inter-institutional coordination in drugs policy Challenges and promising developments

    18/06/19 - 19/06/19

    Paramaribo, Suriname

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  • COPOLAD II Virtual Closing Meeting: Achievements & priorities for the future


    Microsoft Teams Platform

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Operative Dimension

C4 - Dialogue & Mechanism
Execution Level
Activity Types

Increased the number of opportunities devoted to strengthening the impact of the bi-regional dialogue EU-CELAC on drug policy in the framework of the Mechanism
Organized at least 4 COPOLAD annual Conferences, back to back of the annual HLM of the EU-CELAC Mechanism. As well as among other activities: Financial and logistic support to all meetings of the Steering Committee of C2

Theoretical Dimension