Dialogue & Mechanism

2nd COPOLAD Annual Conference: Use of the Internet for the illicit sale of drugs and new psychoactive substances: challenges for their approach through coordinated and effective policies

Dialogue & Mechanism

The meeting aims to bring together senior drugs policy makers from the CELAC and the EU countries, focusing the discussion, like every year, on one or two key issues of interest to countries, in order to respond to the current problems requiring concerted and coordinated action.

In this way, the Conference will be centered in two main topics:

  1. drugs and the internet
  2. the challenge posed to countries by synthetic drugs

It will also provide the opportunity to share and present the achievements, progress and results obtained by the COPOLAD working groups in the different fields, as well as putting in commonto the steps to follow in the second year of implementation of COPOLAD.

Operative Dimension

C4 - Dialogue & Mechanism
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Associated operational objectives

4.2 - Highlight, in the framework of the Mechanism, the role of the NAs and the NDOs in designing, implementing and monitoring public policies capable of offering new and effective responses to the different challenges and problems related to drugs.


Organized the 2nd Annual Conference back to back of the annual HLM of the EU-CELAC Mechanism, as well as the Permanent Council meeting


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