Ibero-American Library on Drugs and Additions (BIDA)

What does BIDA offer?

What does BIDA offer?

BIDA offers a broad documentary fund in the field of drugs and addictions, within the Ibero-American scope, with special focus on works and resources published in Spanish and Portuguese language. Adding, in addition, key references published in English, French, Catalan, Euskera, and Galician.

BIDA makes available for researchers, professionals, decision-makers, and the general public, a broad and vast collection of publications, as well as a catalogue of journals in the field of drugs and addictions.

BIDA allows access to citations and documents in full text of specialised literature on drugs and addictions in its documentary fund, as well as highly interesting grey literature (doctoral theses, institutional reports, etc.). It also counts on a catalogue of scientific journals that are a reference in the field.