Gender Equality Index 2017

Gender Equality Index 2017

EIGE. European Institute for Gender Equality

Measuring gender equality in the European Union 2005-2015 - Report

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Upcoming activities

  • 2nd COPOLAD II Working Group 1 meeting on Precursors

    Drugs Supply Reduction

    28/02/19 - 01/03/19

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Side Event COPOLAD at 62nd CND 2018: The role of coordination in drug policy: success stories in the framework of COPOLAD II

    Crosscutting issues


    Vienna, Austria

  • 3rd COPOLAD II Annual Meeting National Drugs Observatories

    National Drugs Observatories

    25/03/19 - 29/03/19

    Prague, Czech Republic

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