The CDC Field Epidemiology Manual

The CDC Field Epidemiology Manual

The definitive guide to field investigations of disease outbreaks and other acute public health events, assembled and curated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An essential resource for epidemiologists and other health professionals working in local, state, national, and international settings.


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  • 3ª Reunión Anual de Observatorios Nacionales de Drogas COPOLAD II

    Observatorios Nacionales de Drogas

    25/03/19 - 29/03/19

    Praga, República Checa

  • 4ª Reunión birregional para el intercambio de buenas prácticas: Seminario transversal en el ámbito del blanqueo de dinero

    Reducción de la Oferta de Drogas

    22/05/19 - 23/05/19

    Madrid, España

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