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Salvation Army Men's Social Centre

6-7 Water Street Kingston | Georgetown | | Guyana


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Business hours

Monday to Friday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.


Type of organisation
Organización no gubernamental
Year of foundation
Institutional presentation
The Salvation Army Men's Social Centre opened its door to drug rehab on 24th August, 1996, catering for people with addictive personality i.e. alcoholic, drug addicts, cross addiction, persons suffering from over the counter drugs and also provide help to persons suffering from psychiatric medication due to intolerance of drug addiction. This includes the men's hostel where working men would seek accommodation.
Direct beneficiaries
  • Usuarios de drogas en general
  • Ex consumidores de drogas
  • Personas sin hogar
  • Personas diagnosticadas de patología dual
Target population activities
  • Familia / Padres
Objective of the centre/ services
Helping people that are suffering from addiction conditions to understand (the Disease concept) Reshaping people's minds who are suffering from the disease of addiction
National coverage
Television programs are being conducted, outreach to community is being done annually. Country wide education on addiction condition

Intervention framework

Intervention types
  • Prevención
  • Tratamiento
  • Inserción / Integración social
  • Intervenciones en el Sistema Penal
  • Otros
  • Reducción de Riesgos
  • Reducción de Daños
Intervention framework for Prevención
  • Escuela / Educación primaria
  • Escuela / Educación secundaria
  • Universidad / Estudios terciarios
  • Comunidad
  • Eventos públicos
  • Lugar de trabajo
Intervention framework for Tratamiento
  • Grupos de tratamiento (prevención de recaídas)
  • Grupos de autoayuda
  • Tratamiento del Diagnóstico dual
Intervention framework for Inserción / Integración social
  • Apoyo al empleo
  • Otro (Half way house is being provided for those who are less fortunate, teaching persons to be productive)
Intervention framework for Intervenciones en el Sistema Penal
  • Familia
  • Trabajo
Intervention framework for Otros
  • Detallar (We would conduct training to any institution that needs the information on the above, but for us we are an abstinence programme)
Intervention framework for Reducción de Riesgos
  • Intervenciones de prevención y educación en salud
  • Testeo de sustancias
  • Programas de acercamiento a calle (brigadas, trabajo de pares, educación en salud extramural)
  • Otro (we allow hospital staff to conduct blood testing during the duration of our programme and make provision for medical needs to be addressed )
Intervention framework for Reducción de Daños
  • Otro (we would conduct training to any institution that needs the information on the above but for us we are an abstinence programme)
  • Coordinación
  • Difusión
  • Educación para la salud
  • Formación
  • Información
  • Intervención socio-educativa familiar
  • Orientación
  • Reparto de material
  • Sensibilización
  • Intervención en calle
  • Atención telefónica
  • Tratamiento residencial basado en la abstinencia
  • Reinserción-reintegración social, alojamiento temporal
Description of the main activities

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