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Upcoming activities

  • Meeting on institutional capacities for the implementation of the Alternative Development approach

    Drugs Supply Reduction

    26/02/18 - 26/02/18

    Lima, Peru

  • 3rd Intra-regional dialogue Forum on Alternative Development

    Drugs Supply Reduction

    27/02/18 - 01/03/18

    Lima, Peru

  • Side Event COPOLAD at 61st CND 2018

    Crosscutting issues

    13/03/18 - 13/03/18

    Vienna, Austria

  • 2nd Meeting of the Working Group: Design of Studies to evaluate and validate Scales and Indicators of “Problematic drug use”

    National Drugs Observatories

    26/03/18 - 27/03/18

    Santiago, Chile

  • 2nd Bi-Regional Meeting EU-CELAC for the Exchange of Best Practices: Effective mechanisms to counteract cocaine Illicit drug trafficking routes

    Drugs Supply Reduction

    10/04/18 - 12/04/18

    Quito, Ecuador

  • 3rd COPOLAD II Annual Conference

    Dialogue & Mechanism

    19/06/18 - 20/06/18

    Sofia, Bulgaria

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