• "COPOLAD contributes to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean getting to know each other more and learning to develop policies with good ideas and management"

    Published on 24/01/19

    The National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption (SENDA) of Chile is one of the most recognized drug policy agencies in Latin America and as such, its contribution is of great importance in the framework of COPOLAD, in which it actively participates, also, leading studies and key actions during this stage. On the occasion of the appointment of its new National Director, we review its role in COPOLAD and the future prospects from now on.

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  • "Involvement in the activities of COPOLAD has been extremely rewarding and beneficial in respect of institutional strengthening and developing the knowledge-base of Barbados"

    Published on 24/01/19

    The National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA), and under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs has the mandate to achieve the drug demand reduction in schools and the wider community. The Organisation is managed by a Board of Directors and a team of trained staff who coordinates and implements specific programmes and projects for various target audiences in Barbados, of which we talk to Mrs. Betty Hunte, Manager.

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  • "Saint Lucia’s participation in COPOLAD has raised awareness on the highest priority of having a Drug Observatory, that has now become top on the agenda"

    Published on 30/08/18

    Saint Lucia is one of the Caribbean countries which is incorporated to the second phase of the COPOLAD programme, actively participating in many of its activities. We review the work done during these months with the Coordinator of the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat (SAACS), Charmaine Hippolyte.

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  • "The implementation of a broader concept of Alternative Development would help to reduce drug trafficking, which affects the society so much and would promote the development of the communities"

    Published on 30/08/18

    From Honduras, the Deputy Commissioner Ever Danilo Mejía Mejía, National Deputy Manager of Research and Intelligence (DNII),  and Executive Secretary for Counternarcotics, talks on the drugs policy in his country, both from the drug supply and demand reduction, and also takes a stock of their participation in the COPOLAD Programme up to date.

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  • "The promotion and strengthening of cooperation mechanisms within the framework of the COPOLAD programme have enabled Guatemala to strengthen programmes and plans on drugs and addictions with full observance of Human Rights"

    Published on 10/05/18

    From Guatemala, the Executive Secretary for the Commission Against Addictions and Illicit Drug Trafficking (SECCATID), explains the progress and challenges that his country faces when it comes to building a sustainable and evidence-based strategy in the field of drugs policies.

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Upcoming activities

  • 2nd COPOLAD II Working Group 1 meeting on Precursors

    Drugs Supply Reduction

    28/02/19 - 01/03/19

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Side Event COPOLAD at 62nd CND 2018: The role of coordination in drug policy: success stories in the framework of COPOLAD II

    Crosscutting issues


    Vienna, Austria

  • 3rd COPOLAD II Annual Meeting National Drugs Observatories

    National Drugs Observatories

    25/03/19 - 29/03/19

    Prague, Czech Republic

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