Capacity-building online workshop on Early Warning Systems

On 20 March, the EMCDDA will organise an online capacity-building workshop on Early Warning Systems (EWS), in the framework of the COPOLAD III project.

Representatives from seven Latin American and Caribbean countries* will take part in the event. The participants will discuss strategies to increase awareness of the importance of implementing an EWS and engaging stakeholders in developing a functional EWS. They will also have the opportunity to explore tools for stakeholder mapping.

A representative from the Observatorio Español de las Drogas y las Adicciones will offer an overview of the Spanish EWS, focusing on strategies for mapping and engaging actors from different sectors in EWS management. A delegate from the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) will describe the support it gives to developing EWS in the Americas. Country presentations will focus on the drug situation in Grenada and setting up an EWS in Jamaica and Panama.