DAIS Innovative Approaches “Licit value chains of medical cannabis and industrial hemp”.

Drug cultivation, consumption and trafficking are global phenomena. However, the economy related to some illicit drugs affects Latin American and Caribbean countries, as is the case of coca and cannabis. Communities coexist with the influence of drug cartels that in turn diminish governance, exercising functions that supplant the state itself. Alternative Development (DAIS) helps farmers escape the poverty trap of illicit crops.

With the aim of providing avenues for international cooperation in favor of DAIS, GIZ promotes training courses and meetings within the framework of the COPOLAD III Program, as well as didactic guides aimed at strengthening communities and governments in order to offer alternatives to illicit crops.

The 2nd DAIS Innovative Approach webinar will focus on licit medical and industrial cannabis value chains. With a duration of two hours and the participation of various administrations, experts and experts who will provide best practices, the event will seek to highlight the opportunities for alternative development in the legal cannabis market, the industrial hemp trade, or the prospects of the private sector.