Program Results

Program results

The objective of COPOLAD III is to improve the design and application of policies related to drug demand and supply reduction in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, guaranteeing that they are based on evidence, public health, gender and human rights. On this occasion, COPOLAD III incorporates two novel aspects in its cooperation work: on the one hand, national needs will be addressed, beyond dynamics at the regional or multi-country level; on the other hand, innovative processes for the design and development of public policy solutions will be deployed as part of the program’s strategic tools.

In this third phase, COPOLAD will work in the following areas and lines of action:

1.1 Strategic support for strengthening national systems and regional networks for scientific research on drugs.

1.2 Improvement of the analysis and incidence capacity of the National Observatories on Drugs.

1.3 Incorporation of the differential and rights approach in the information and investigation systems of the NDOs.

1.4 Development and strengthening of drug policy monitoring and evaluation systems.

1.5 Development and strengthening of national Early Warning Systems.

1.6 Technical support for developing fundamental aspects of the National Drug Observatories (NDOs).

2.1 Improved knowledge about effective preventive, health and social responses to address drug use problems

2.2 Support for the adaptation/generation of addiction care programmes and services to meet the needs of women and vulnerable populations

2.3 Support to develop national systems for the socio-labour reinsertion of people with drug use problems, with a differential and gender approach

2.4 Addressing vulnerabilities for development linked to drugs in the territory

3.1. Comprehensive and Sustainable Alternative Development (CSAD)

3.2. Effective reinforcement of cooperation in drug trafficking investigation activities

3.3. Harmonisation of common laws and strategies to combat illicit capital and money laundering, through the confiscation of assets and the management of forfeited assets

3.4. Control of chemical precursors for the manufacture of illegal drugs

          3.5. Improvement in the results for the sustainable development supply of control policies

4.1. COPOLAD coordination spaces

4.2. Improve bi-regional coordination in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe in the fight against drugs

4.3. Deepening knowledge regarding the phenomenon of drugs and the impact of public policies on drugs

4.4. Promote the capacity to have an impact within the EU- CELAC Coordination Mechanism in improving public policies.

A. Sustainable development, human rights and gender

5.1. Improvement in the processes for the management and disposal of seized chemical substances

A. Sustainable development, human rights and gender

5.2. Improvement in the human rights outcomes of drug supply control policies

A. Sustainable development, human rights and gender

5.3. Study on the negative impact on the environment linked to the production and trafficking of illicit drugs and supply reduction interventions

B. Innovation in drug policies

5.4 Incorporation of innovative tools for designing public policy solutions on drugs based on sustainable development