Seminar: Follow the money in Dominican Republic

28/07/2023 - 29/03/2023
08:00 - 17:00

The countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and the EU have built a solid bi-regional relationship in the field of drug policies, demonstrating their strong political will to advance joint efforts to better respond to common challenges in this area. The EU-CELAC Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism on Drugs reflects this bi-regional commitment to joint cooperation, in accordance with the principle of common and shared responsibility. For the year 2023, the countries participating in the Mechanism highlighted as a priority issue for bi-regional discussions: money laundering and drug trafficking. With this International Seminar, the COPOLAD III program aims to help generate reflections, recommendations and inputs for the political dialogue between the European Union and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on this issue of priority importance also to promote a healthy investment climate between the two regions.

The International Seminar will be attended by the National Public Prosecutors of Italy, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, the heads of the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Offices of Spain, Peru, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, the Directors of the Anti-Drug Divisions of the National Police of Italy, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, experts from international organizations such as the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG Home) and the Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union of the European Union, the Latin American Financial Action Task Force (GAFILAT).

The International Seminar will also be attended by representatives of the European cooperation programs “Support to special anti-drug forces in law enforcement in Bolivia”, “Support to the Fight against Drugs and Organized Crime in Peru”, the project “EURESP, emergency response to strengthen the prison system in Ecuador” and the project “Support to the Strategic Institutional Plan of the Judiciary of the Dominican Republic, Vision Justice 2020-2024”.


Working Group “Support for the development of national systems of social inclusion of people with consumption problems”